International Conference on Vacuum Insulation for NZEBs

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Sharing knowledge and expertise on all things vacuum science and technology is our foundation. We are delighted to share this opportunity to learn from international researchers and innovators in the Renewable Energy and Vacuum Insulation community at the International Conference on Renewable Energy and Vacuum Insulation for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

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The importance of Renewable Energy and Vacuum Insulation

The fluctuations in both temperature and sea levels caused by rising carbon emissions have created a global challenge.  This includes damage to ecosystems, sea life and carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. With the need to better manage energy consumption globally, there is also a major challenge in the energy field of balancing the gap between peak-demand and generating capacity. For instance, the UK domestic housing stock consumes more space-heating energy than any other sector, with roughly 27 million houses in the UK accounting for approximately 66% of total natural-gas consumption.

There are significant advantages to be gained from limiting the energy consumption in domestic housing, as enabled by housing stock insulation methods such as vacuum insulated glazing in energy efficient buildings and space cooling.

There is an opportunity to further reduce energy consumption with intelligent energy systems and smart window technologies such as vacuum insulated technology with electrochromic, photochromic and thermochromic thin films. This results in in buildings becoming nearly zero energy buildings (NZEBs).


The International Conference on Renewable Energy and Vacuum Insulation for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings 

Our Vacuum Science World contributor and Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at London South Bank University, Dr Saim Memon, is hosting a free international conference aimed at sharing the expertise and state-of-the-art-research on Renewable Energy and Vacuum Insulation for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. The conference features presentations, keynote speakers and proceedings distribution covering topics such as Vacuum Physics, Solar Thermal Vacuum Systems, Sustainability, Solar Architecture and Building Integration. The conference will take place on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 at London Southbank University.

This conference will also empower Japan-UK collaboration and develop our mutual interest in scientifically contributing to the innovative development of triple vacuum glazing with Nano-structured heat reflective coating. This will be utilised  by the research facilities at the centre of Heat Pump and Thermal Energy Storage, Hokkaido University, and the centre for advanced materials research, London South Bank University.   

For more information on the event including keynote speakers and schedule, click the link below. We hope to see you there!


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