18th International Conference on Thin Films & 18th Joint Vacuum Conference

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The JVC-18 is a well established meeting organised at two-year periods by the Austrian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak and Slovenian national vacuum societies. The International Conference on Thin Films is a tri-annual conference series endorsed and co-organised by the Thin Film Division of the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA). These events are scheduled from November 22 to 26, 2020 by the Hungarian Vacuum Society (HVS).


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What are thin films? 

Thin Films are layers of material on surfaces with a thickness well below a nanometer up to a micrometer. There are multiple reasons to coat a device with a thin film. These can be protective films to prevent corrosion, decorative layers on jewellery or bathroom fittings, wear protection on tools, multiple layers to improve optical properties on optics, in semiconductor or solar cell production. Many products in our daily use have coatings. Examples are smartphones and packaging foils for food; thin film technology in the automotive industry includes applications like coated reflectors in head lights and head-up displays.

Thin film coating uses several vacuum technologies like evaporation or sputtering. Both require pressures in high vacuum. Devices range from small laboratory coaters for film development to large machines for architectural glass coating. 

To learn more about how vacuum technology is utilised in various fields such as  medical equipment, transportation and space research, check out our guide to  Vacuum Applications.


What to expect from the conference 

This international conference covers significant areas of vacuum technology. Topics will be 

  • Applied Surface Science
  • Biointerfaces
  • Plasma Science & Technique
  • Surface Engineering
  • Surface Science
  • Thin Films
  • Vacuum Science & Technique
  • Electronic Materials and Processing
  • Nanometer Structures

Recently, due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 infections in the area, the organizers had to decide to turn it into an online conference. Information can be found under: https://akcongress.com/ictf-jvc/ 

Now as an online conference it offers many interested scientists and users in thin film technology to participate, receive new information and exchange ideas without travelling and saving travel costs. 

We wish the Hungarian Vacuum Society and all partners a great success!

Please also see our blog on vacuum coating coming soon!

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