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66th American Vacuum Symposium Report


The Annual Symposium of the American Vacuum Society is the world’s main yearly vacuum conference held in Columbus, Ohio from the 20th to 25th October 2019.

There were 27 parallel sessions in a wide range of topics and over 2500 registrants.

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47th Conference on the Physics & Chemistry of Surfaces & Interfaces

The 47th Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (PCSI-47) will be held from January 19-23, 2020 at Millennium Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The annual PCSI conference is devoted to achieve a fundamental understanding of the physical, chemical, biological, structural, optical, magnetic and electrical properties of surfaces and interfaces.

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10th Vacuum Symposium 2019 Report

Over the years, vacuum pumps have evolved to dry versions (no oil in the swept volume), robust, process specific, low power consumption and reduced footprint. With this shift in the industry, it was great to hear a range of discussions around this during the 10th Vacuum Symposium UK.

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Nearly Zero Energy Buildings conference summary

On 28 August 2019, Vacuum Science World contributor Dr Saim Memon hosted an international, one-day conference on Renewable Energy and Vacuum Insulation for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) at London South Bank University.

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International Conference on Vacuum Insulation for NZEBs

Sharing knowledge and expertise on all things vacuum science and technology is our foundation. We are delighted to share this opportunity to learn from international researchers and innovators in the Renewable Energy and Vacuum Insulation community at the International Conference on Renewable Energy and Vacuum Insulation for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

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