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Working with turbomolecular vacuum pumps

Working principle Turbomolecular pumps (TMPs) are kinetic vacuum pumps which operate using a very fast spinning rotor (usually rotating at between 24,000 and 90,000 RPM). Their typical operating pressures are in the high to ultra-high pressure range between 10-3 and 10-11 mbar, employing pumping speeds of between 10 and 4,000 l/s.
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Four ways of finding vacuum leaks using helium

Wherever and whenever a vacuum needs to be created, it is essential to ensure its integrity (i.e. the “tightness” of the system). If the system is not tight, then time is squandered and effort is pointlessly spent trying to create a vacuum in an “open system” which could never support a vacuum in the first place. 
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Introduction to the fundamentals of vacuum science & technology

Described as ‘a space in which the pressure is below surrounding atmospheric pressure’, vacuum science is a subject and concept that has stimulated many great minds for millennia. The origins of vacuum science can be traced back to as early as the 4th century when Aristotle stated that ‘nature abhors a vacuum’. 
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