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A Guide to Preparing your Vacuum System for Thruster Testing Chambers

With the near-constant advances in smart technology and science, there is an increased demand on satellites. To improve satellite capabilities and meet the needs of the market, organisations are commercialising multimillion-dollar equipment and developing more efficient testing techniques for space technology.

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How to calculate evacuation time for a Vacuum Chamber

The evacuation of a vacuum chamber to a given target pressure is a common application for vacuum pumps – but as our article on Vacuum Simulation Calculation points out, the calculation of vacuum applications is a challenging task. 

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Vacuum Technology for Space Simulation Chambers


According to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCSUSA) about 2,200 active satellites orbit our planet and an additional 100 are launched every year. Most of these satellites are used for telecommunication and, with GPS projects like the European GALILEO and the SPACE-X Starlink (which intends to bring internet connection to every spot on earth) on the horizon, their number will continue to grow.

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Vacuum system calculation and simulation services

Vacuum simulation (or modelling) is an essential part of vacuum system design. It is now a well-established practice and is primarily concerned with the prediction and calculation of how vacuum pumps and systems will perform in specific scenarios.

These simulations enable engineers to identify anomalies in the design stage and acquire the right components, rather than building a vacuum system that later needs to be redesigned.

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