Vacuum Science & Technology: Book Review

Posted by Andrew Chew on Feb 3, 2020 11:00:00 AM


Writing any text book is an enormous effort and undertaking but one on the subject of Vacuum Science and Technology has unique challenges. These include the enormous breadth of the world of vacuum; its dynamic range and associated principles within this, a continually evolving range of applications and their impact on the requirements for future generations of vacuum equipment and systems.


Vacuum Science and Technology

Book review: Vacuum Science and Technology by Suurmeijer, Mulder and Verhoeven


Suurmeijer, Mulder and Verhoeven have produced a text accessible to all; from those with high school diploma to those in academia. This is complemented by clear first principles derivations starting from the very first sections on kinetic theory and adsorption mechanisms.

Pump mechanisms and their operational principles are comprehensively reviewed again with clear mathematical treatment. The chapters on pressure measurement are probably the most clear and detailed I have seen published. Similarly the leak-detection chapter comprehensively covers theory and practical methods. The level of treatment given to sealing techniques and other components is highly appropriate. The general observations, calculated examples and exercises are well constructed and very relevant.

The authors have provided us with an extremely important contemporary book on the subject of vacuum which will be an invaluable addition to the resources of students, educators, theorists and practitioners alike. Whatever the level of complexity they operate at, all those involved with vacuum will benefit from having this book on their shelves.


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