Vacuum pumps come in many forms; from rough and medium vacuum such as Scroll pumps and Roots pumps to high and ultra- high vacuum including Cryogenic pumps and Diffusion pumps.

Whether it’s for research, industrial drying or coating purposes, selecting the correct type of vacuum pump is a critical factor in guaranteeing the optimised performance of a vacuum system.

However, choosing from the different types of vacuum pumps can be a difficult and lengthy process. There are a myriad of critical factors that must be taken into account such as the pump fit for the vacuum system and economic considerations e.g. investment and maintenance costs. You will also need to consider the environmental impact your choice of vacuum pump will have such as energy consumption, particle, oil or hydrocarbon emissions.

In our eBook, you will be able to learn more about:

  • A review of the most common types of vacuum pumps
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different types of vacuum pumps
  • How to select the right vacuum pump for your application
  • The impact from vacuum pumps on vacuum processes and application (vice versa)

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