In the world of vacuum, there are significant differences between those at the lower end of the spectrum and those that occupy higher levels.

A vacuum ranging between atmospheric pressure and 1 mbar is known as “rough” vacuum, whilst pressures from 1 to 10-3 mbar are known as “medium” vacuum. A consideration when working in rough and medium vacuum conditions is that no single pump will match all your requirements or expectations.

Therefore, it is important to list the requirements that must be met, alongside those that would be desirable. For example, the vacuum level and throughput it needs to achieve, noise and vibration considerations, ease of maintenance and its resistance to shock.


  • The key working conditions for rough and medium vacuum levels.
  • How rough and medium vacuum levels are generated and measured.
  • Leak detection methods used in rough and medium vacuum conditions. 
  • The different vacuum pumps used in rough and medium vacuum conditions. 

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