X-ray tubes, proton therapy, electronic microscopes...these are all essential for procedures and analysis in the medical industry. None of these can safely operate without the help of vacuum technology.

For instance, medical vacuum systems are fundamental for delivering vacuum pressure for aspiration and ensuring that patient and surgery rooms are safe and efficient. Vacuum pumps can be found in all major hospitals and various analytical instruments used in health diagnostics and research.

Cyclotrons are just one key example; these are used in medical therapy and accelerate particles to destroy tumours. Here vacuum pumps such as oil diffusion, turbomolecular and cryopumps are particularly useful.

The role of vacuum technology is increasing due to the growing demand for sterilisation of medical equipment in hospitals and the need to find safer ways to carry out medical procedures, whilst still keeping patients comfortable. Our eBook provides an overview of the different medical applications that utilise vacuum technology today including:

In our eBook, you will be able to learn more about: 

  • The vacuum conditions required in Proton, Tumour and Heavy Ion Therapy
  • How vacuum technology aids the transportation of patients in hospitals
  • The role of vacuum pumps in central vacuum systems and MRI scanners
  • The use of vacuum technology in analytical instruments such as mass spectrometers and electron microscopes.

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