Vacuum technology forms an integral part of space technology and research. From space simulation and electrical propulsion, to observation through telescopes and fundamental scientific research,  there are numerous applications and complex processes that would not be possible without the help of vacuum technology.

In this eBook, we uncover the most common applications, explain how they work, and why vacuum plays such an important role in this field.

Satellites are extremely valuable, and since repairs in space are almost impossible, intensive testing must be undertaken on Earth before launch. One of the most important tests is to simulate its function in a vacuum with test pressures in a high vacuum range of 10-07 to 10-06 mbar. 

Another important process is to evacuate thermal vacuum chambers. Oil-free vacuum systems are often used here to avoid any risk of oil contamination in the chamber.

Vacuum Technology also has a significant role in the observation of outer space through telescopes, enabling the devices to achieve the highest precision. 

DISCOVER MORE ABOUT the role of vacuum technology in space applications IN OUR EBOOK, including: 

  • The vacuum test requirements for space simulation
  • Electrical propulsion through ion thruster testing
  • Vacuum technology used in telescopes
  • Real life examples of space applications that have paved the way for an explorative future

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