AVS: Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing

The American Vacuum Society (AVS) publishes a collection of peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology (JVST A and B), Surface Science Spectra (SSS) and Biointerphases. Together, these journals cover most topics within vacuum science and research.

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Vacuum | Elsevier

Vacuum is an international peer-reviewed journal with a focus on short communication. Their quick review process and short articles are geared toward fast turnaround times, enabling researchers to rapidly share breakthroughs.

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Applied Science and Convergence Technology

Applied Science and Convergence Technology is a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal focusing on a variety of vacuum research topics.

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Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis | Wiley Online Library

Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis, or Vacuum in Research and Practice in English, is devoted to publishing research covering all areas of vacuum and thin-film technology. The journal is a great resource for the latest developments and findings in vacuum science.

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Vacuum and Surface Science

Vacuum and Surface Science succeeds the Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan. With their first issue published in 2018, the peer-reviewed journal aims to “expand into new fields” while building upon the strong publishing legacy built by their predecessor.

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CERN Courier

CERN Courier highlights the latest international developments in particle physics and related fields. Topics range from exclusive news and feature articles to insights on the latest breakthroughs in high-energy physics.

CERN Courier - reporting on international high-energy physics