Your questions around vacuum science and technology - answered by Dr Andrew Chew!

Looking for more insights on key concepts in vacuum science and technology? Dr Andrew Chew is here to help! In this brand-new vacuum video series, he explains some of the most important theories and frequently asked questions relating to the working principles of vacuum pumps. Our video series covers topics such as molecule surface analysis, Tangential Momentum Accommodation, conductance in vacuum systems, performance issues with different vacuum pumps, and much more.

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Ask Dr Chew: How a molecule acts at a surface #1 – Knudsen’s Cosine Law

Using Knudsen’s Cosine Law, Dr Andrew Chew explores how a molecule acts when it reaches a surface.

Ask Dr Chew: How a molecule acts at a surface #3 – Turbomolecular pumps

Discover how the rotating blades found in turbomolecular pumps aid the thermal velocity of molecules.

Ask Dr Chew: How the pipe size in a vacuum system will impact conductance

Learn how the size of the pipe connecting the vacuum system to the pump can impact performance levels.

Ask Dr Chew: Performance issues with an oil-sealed vacuum pump

When working with oil-sealed vacuum pumps, how to you know when it is time for oil to be changed? Dr Andrew Chew explains all!

Ask Dr Chew: Tangential Momentum Accommodation

What is tangential momentum accommodation and how does this impact surface molecule movement? Watch this video to find out.

Ask Dr Chew: How a molecule acts at a surface #4 – Spinning rotor gauge

Explore the uses, benefits and limitations of the spinning rotor gauge and how this impacts the movement of surface molecules.

Ask Dr Chew: Performance issues with a dry scroll pump

Discover the key factors to asses in order to get the most optimal performance when using a scroll pump.

Ask Dr Chew: What factors could be influencing vacuum pump performance

In this video, we explore the key the factors you should look at when assessing the performance of a vacuum pump.